Your company can reduce costs
and avoid delays in its software
and marketing projects by
nearshoring software development
solutions with a Costa Rican
management team that leverages
Latin American talent with cultural
affinity and similar time zone as



Nearshoring is the perfect fusion
between outsourcing and in-house
staffing: a cost-effective solution that
is close to you, with full workday
overlap and similar cultural

software development

We believe that there are no secrets
to success and it is the result of
preparation, hard work and the ability
to learn from failure.

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We offer project management, ad-hoc
DevOps and a percentage of QA time
to facilitate the development process
and make the relationship a success!

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services with an

We are a creative team that work together to create beautiful, engaging experiences.

About usKambda

To provide clients with guidance and support in the development process of custom software solutions and platforms that are of high quality, stable and highly scalable.

Our Services

Quality software

We are a team of creative developers who work together to
reate beautiful, engaging experiences.


We will migrate any project you may have by either upgrading its framework version or migrating to a new framework.

Software Architecture

We will guide you through the process to create or improve/refactor your software development project, helping you build a stable and scalable architecture.

Search Engine Marketing

Reach the right audience at the right time and on the right platform through a paid media marketing strategy. These services include: Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Display Advertising Networks.

Website / Web APP

We develop awesome sites using various javascript frameworks and languages including: PHP, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, AngularJS, .NET or Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Social Media Marketing

Engage users and expand your audience with a strategic social media engagement strategy. We also write up content in an effort to increase company visibility in search engines.

Mobile Development

We develop any kind of mobile application in iOS, Android (native) or Hybrid applications (ie. Cordova) using the latest features and standards.

Web design UI/UX

We create attractive web design to engage your customers and drive them to your website. We work with you from requirements gathering, mockup creation and finally the web design ready to implement.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services help drive traffic to your website by improving keyword rankings in search engines.
Our Bundles

We offer different value added services depending
on the model we agree on for your project.


  • Project Management.
  • Weekly updates.
  • Dev infrastructure.
  • Support in complete process.

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  • Developer in any technology.
  • Ad-hoc QA support.
  • Ad-hoc Dev Ops support.
  • Project Management.

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  • Only pay for the development.
  • Technologies as needed.
  • Coordination with different resources to get the job done.

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We've done lots of work.
Here are some clients we have done work for.



our team

We are a creative
team that work

together to create beautiful, engaging experiences.

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